Cheetah sculpture
ral scale

Stainless steel sculpture of CHEETAH

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The order of 21"x14"xh.30" (cm.54x35,5xh.76) stainless steel sculpture of CHEETAH will take 2-3 weeks (for natural steel option) or 3-4 weeks (for powder-coated options) to process before shipment. Email us at to request custom size and color.

Free delivery 
Continental USA: 1-5 business days
Other countries: 8-15 business days.

Stainless steel sculpture of CHEETAH
Height: 30 Inches (cm.76);
Width: 21 Inches (cm.54);
Depth: 14 Inches (cm.35,5);

Net weight: 23.6 lb. (10,6kg)

Gross weight: 44.4 lb. (20kg)

Material: medical AISI 304 stainless steel - can be used for OUTDOOR too.
Finish: brushed

Painted options are available:  ANY COLOR of RAL scale:
No assembly required;
Delivery to your door.

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