stainless steel sculptures for entertainment center

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June 2024:


 We start producing of Mirror finished shelves, the test samples are available too:






Jul 2023:


 Our painter no longer uses spray cans and works on a professional mixing machine:

professional mixing machine

June 2023:



color range


May 2023:

 Ponoma LLC. is a sculpture provider of a big entertainment center in Massachusetts (opening soon):


sculpture boston


July 2022:

 We've just tested our new pet in Danville:

February 2022:

 We've relocated to a new address and we enjoy the snow!

2414 Batestown Road,  Danville, IL 61832


2414 Batestown Rd Danville 61832, IL


This is what it will look like in spring:


2414 Batestown Rd Danville, IL 

July 2021:

 We've updated our Standard Color Range by Copper, Dark copper, and Classic bronze

instead of Gold, Evening navy, and Burnished brass colors:


May 2021:


COVID memorial "Empathy" - project of Fatima Grand Studio was presented 

during the Southern Sweden Design Days on May.27-30 2021 in Malmo, Sweden. Ponoma LLC. is happy to support this project:

February 2021:

Meet the Ponoma stainless steel sculptures:



November 2020:

We glad to introduce a novelty from Ponoma:


November 2020:

Goodbye Amazon!

We leave marketplace.
We do not want to raise our prices for the commission from Amazon,
which already reaches 15%,
and wait a month and a half for money from Amazon for our goods.
As a token of gratitude to our clients Lisa and Mark,
we send them our branded T-shirts for their warm words:


Amazon goodbye!

July 2020:

We've sold 4,000 stainless steel shelves and countertops
 in the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand,
Japan, Mexico, etc.: 400 trees were saved.


Due to coronavirus (COVID-19),
processing time in the USA is taking longer 2-3 days than usual. 
STOPCOVID19 on Ponoma


    March 2020:

    💥More customers choose the painted Ponoma® shelves:
    our painter has more work - you can request painted options for any size of Ponoma shelves!


    colored PonoMA SHELVES

    January 2020:

    We've created Ponoma Group on Facebook 
    to help group members
    find the information they're interested in:


    November 2019:

    1. We've started serial production of the spray-painted stainless steel floating shelves Ponoma®.
    ~20 colors are waiting for your orders:


    Color range


    2. We've sold 3,000 stainless steel shelves and countertops in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, etc.: 300 trees were saved


    Ponoma saves forests



    June 2019:

    We've sold 2,000 stainless steel shelves in Continental USA
    ~200 trees were saved


     Ponoma's worldwide sells

    May 2019:
    We've started sells floating shelves Ponoma® with high power LED lights:
    shelf Ponoma with led lights 
     Black shelf Ponoma with LED lights
      February 2019:
    We've sold 1,500 stainless steel shelves in Continental USA
    ~150 trees were saved
      December 2018:
    We've registered the Ponoma® trademark! 
    US registered trade mark Ponoma

    November 2018:

    1st selling to Tokyo, Japan
    October 2018 :
    Yes !!! 
    We've sold first 1000 stainless steel shelves Ponoma
    ~100 trees were saved

    September 2018:

    3d selling to Canada, Victoria
    five stars review from Canada

    August 2018:

    1st selling to Canada, Thunder Bay
    2nd selling to Canada, Toronto

    July 2018 :

    Ponoma has expanded warehouse space
    in Champaign, Illinois, USA.
    Yes !!!  
    We've sold 500 stainless steel shelves Ponoma
    ~50 trees were saved

    June 2018:

    1st selling to Australia, Mount Annan 
    1st selling to Mexico, Veracruz

    June 2018:

    2nd selling to Hawaii, Kealakekua
    March 2018:
    1st selling to Alaska, Anchorage

    April 2018:

    We've sold 250 stainless steel shelves in Continental USA
    ~25 trees were saved

    July 2017:

    Ponoma was born
    Ponoma was burn

    Top of your questions:



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    Hello Beth,
    Your order was shipped with FedEx
    track N: 77289****803

    Best regards,
    Ponoma team


    Hello Beth,
    Your order 42×6×1.5 shelf Ponoma
    will be shipped to your address some earlier.

    Best regards,

    Uri A Mosk

    I placed my order for the large shelf and am looking forward to its arrival. Please advise, thank you!

    Beth Besen

    Hi again, Uri

    We received the sample and I’m happy to say that the finish matches my hood very well!

    Beth Besen

    That’s very helpful ! How soon can you send the sample? And, in the meantime, can I put a hold on the shelf I want to buy pending a good match?

    Beth Besen

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