Benefits of stainless steel furniture

This branch of our blog was created for tell you about some benefits of stainless steel furniture.

For example: our customer, Bao has asked here:

Is the underside of the shelf seamless or does it show the seam where the stainless steel is wrapped?
Dear Bao, yes, stainless steel allows make fully seamless surface of shelf - not upside only , but underside too:
 Seamless construction of the Ponoma shelves and furniture is providing a beautifully sleek surface, this prevents water dripping into cracks ( like wood or laminated shelves). No cracks means no unsanitary moisture or mold !


  • Hello Margareth,
    Thank you for your feedback about Matte black shelves Ponoma.

    Invoce was sent to your email.


  • Hello Theresa,
    Yes, stainless steel is non-magnetic, we use high quality
    AISI 304 stainless steel-this is non-magnetic material has
    a relative magnetic permeability of 1:

    Sure, If you want, you can return
    them.Please pack them in original packaging
    to protect in the way, and send to our address
    on stickers. We can’t refund money if they
    are damaged.
    We’ll refund your payment
    as soon receive shelves.

    Best regards,

  • HI there,

    I finally found someone to mount the sample shelf that you sent below and it is perfect. Can I please order the other 5 same size and finish.

    Please provide details/ availability etc. Thanks.

    Margaret Nicholson

  • Hello Uri: We received your package. However, we will be returning the two shelves because

    The intended use required the stainless steel to be magnetic, and these shelves are not and

    I would like to ship them back to you next week. Do I use the address on the packing slip? Will you be applying a credit to the credit card we used to make the purchase?

    I am sorry that it did not work out.

    FedEx track:

  • Hello Margareth,
    We’ve shipped Black sample of shelf Ponoma 34″×12″×2″to your address.
    FedEx track is: 771976684721…

    Please, let me know your feedback about it
    after receiving.

    If OK,
    than you can put order with lead time 3-4 weeks:

    34×12×2 – 6pcs. usd1998
    discount 20%OFF usd 400
    totally: usd1598

    -usd191 deposit, charged earlier
    If no , so, I’ll send you return -sticker label and refund your deposit usd191



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