Installation of countertops Ponoma® 

Apply silicone glue (with neutral PH only!) and silicone caulking gun to the edges of the cabinets edges per instructions on the glue’s packaging. 

Put and stabilize the countertop by applying pressure on the top to prevent it from moving.

STEP 3. 
Leave for 1 day and test after that.

How to install a Ponoma® shelf and how much weight does it support?

You can invite a contractor to install a Ponoma® shelves or do it yourself - it is easy!

Standard hardware (stainless steel screws with 5/16" (mm.8) plastic anchors)for brick and stone walls is included

Feel free to use 5/16" drill bit for making holes in the wall. Also, we offer special hardware, SnapToggle® additionally to install our shelves on drywall (plasterboard, wallboard, sheetrock, gypsum board, gyprock, or gypsum panel):



SNAPTOGGLE Heavy-Duty Hollow-Wall Anchors (Toggle Bolts) Bolt thread 3/16"-24 (#10-24)

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How to install Ponoma® shelf on drywall and tile over brick, stone wall:

How to install Ponoma® shelf on brick, stone wallwith our standard hardware (customer video):

How to install floating shelves Ponoma® on sheet rockwith SnapToggles® (customer video):

My custom shelf Ponoma® has deep 4-8 inches.

How to install it ?

You can install shelf Ponoma® with regular screwdriver. But if you bought narrow shelf, e.g. four inches like 30 1/8 x 4 x1 1/2

- we recommend you to use car screwdriver or bit ratchet to install such narrow shelves Ponoma® with comfort

How to avoid gaps between shelves and cabinets?

You want place shelves above sink or stove between cabinets.

33 x 10 x 2 1/2 inches shelves Ponoma® placed between cabinets with gaps - customer's contractor used insertions. It looks not so good as variants below, so, measure the distance between cabinets and order a shelf of exactly the right size.

36 x12 x 2.5inches shelves Ponoma®placed between cabinets without gap (customer photo from Tina from Lahaina, Hawaii, USA). Please don't forget: you can place order here of any custom size you need without any gaps !

floating bar shelves

How to calculate maximum load capacity of shelf Ponoma®? It should be taken length of shelf in inches and multiply it to 5.
For example: shelf Ponoma® 20 inches (cm.51) holds up 20x5=100 lb (KG45) = 4 buckets of water maximally. Most walls will not withstand such a load.

Please note, maximum and normal load capacity are achieved only when used all mounting holes of brackets.

Youcan install shelf Ponoma® using 3 mounting holes only: left-center-right,if you will use it withminimal load.

Please don't forget to check what's behind your wall before drilling with wire detector

Ponoma® shelves are non-combustible, and you can use them as a thermal shield to protect your TV orsoundbar from heat