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how to install floating shelf on tile

How to install floating shelves

How to install floating shelves

Floating shelves are perfect for organizing your storage in the most efficient way. Also, they look cool having invisible brackets — they totally deserved their name. Shelves made of stainless steel are a complete level up for your space optimization because this furniture has way more advantages than wood or glass shelving.

Ponoma offers good-looking floating shelves:

Instead of paying extra money for installation, you can do it yourself — it’s not that hard, as practice shows. We prepared a short yet explicit guide on how to mount floating shelves properly to the wall.

Supplies you need to install floating shelves

First of all, make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need to install the shelving properly. You probably have all of this stuff somewhere in the storage, but if you don’t — that’s your cue to shop at the nearest hardware store.


So, materials and tools you’ll need are:


  • spirit or laser level — any kind will do good;
  • simple drill;
  • any pencil you have;
  • tape measure;
  • stud finder;
  • a set of screws (standard hardware for brick, stone wall included, also, we offer special hardware for drywall, plaster, etc.);
  • the shelving itself with brackets included;
  • eye protection, because there’s going to be a lot of dust coming off the wall.


When you have gathered every tool and material you need, it’s safe to start the most important part — the mounting process.

Step-by-step installation of floating shelves

Put your eye protection on — you’re about to drill some holes in the wall, and this is going to be dirty. You don’t want all the dust and dirt to be left on your eyelids, lashes, or eyebrows. Before installation, simply cover the furniture and surroundings with plastic film as shown in the photo and get started, it’s not difficult.

how to install floating shelf on tile


Don’t rush with drilling holes into the wall — everything should be organized properly. For starters, choose a convenient place to hang your shelving. Once you find a perfect spot, don’t rush — check this area for studs instead. This is why you need a stud finder — this way you’ll be able to locate studs in the wall and even wires. The latter option might come in handy particularly if you want to hang these shelves to install a TV on top of them. If you didn’t find any useful studs, extra wallmates will help you.


Put a level to the wall to make sure you align your brackets in a straight line — make sure the bubble (if you use a spirit level) is in the middle of the scale and use a pencil to draw a perfectly straight line along with the level. Don’t put your pencil away yet — mark the holes for brackets, not forgetting the central one.


install instruction

Now you can use a drill to create these holes. Start with the central one and screw a wallmate there so you can use one of the screws to drill through it. Do the same for holes on the sides, and don’t be shy to use that level again to make sure everything is drilled in a perfectly straight line.


Once you’ve done this, you can hang your shelf on the bracket. To create better support, use two screws to screw them into the bottom holes of the bracket.


As you can see, the installation can be done in a few easy steps — you can easily do it on your own with simple tools that can be found in your nearest hardware store. Visit our installation page and let's go!


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