Collection: Stainless steel sculptures Ponoma®

The sculptures are very strong and can bear the weight of 2 men.


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Height: 30 Inches (77cm);
Width: 57 Inches (145cm);
Depth: 30 Inches (77cm);
Net weight: 58 lb. (26kg);
Gross weight: 122 lb. (55kg)
❤️3D model of WOLF:

Height: 53.7 Inches (136,4cm);
Width: 89 Inches (226,5cm);
Depth: 28.4 Inches (72,1cm);
Net weight: 245 lb. (110kg);
Gross weight: 511 lb. (230kg)
❤️3D model of LION:

🐈 CAT:
Height: 14 Inches (36cm);
Width: 10 Inches (26cm);
Depth: 6 Inches (16cm);
Net weight: 5.5 lb. (2,5kg);
Gross weight: 7 lb. (3kg)
❤️3D model of CAT:

Height: 56 Inches (142cm);
Width: 96 Inches (244cm);
Depth: 33 Inches (84cm);
Net weight: 333 lb. (150kg);
Gross weight: 555 lb. (250kg)
❤️3D model of BULL:

🐆LEOPARD, PANTHER (black leopard):
Height: 30.5 Inches (77,5cm);
Width: 90.6 Inches (230,1cm);
Depth: 21.7 Inches (55,2cm);
Net weight: 93 lb. (42kg);
Gross weight: 180 lb. (81kg)
❤️3D model of LEOPARD, PANTHER:

🐕 DOG:
Height: 27.6 Inches (70,1cm);
Width: 31.5 Inches (80cm);
Depth: 12.6 Inches (32cm);
Net weight: 24.5 lb. (11kg);
Gross weight: 51 lb. (23kg)
❤️3D model of DOG:

Height: 70 Inches (177,8cm);
Width: 80 Inches (203,2cm);
Depth: 23 (58,4cm);
Net weight: 200 lb. (90kg);
Gross weight: 444 lb. (200kg)
❤️3D model of DEER:

Height: 60 Inches (152,4cm);
Width: 90 Inches (228,6cm);
Depth: 33 (83,8cm);
Net weight: 289 lb. (130kg);
Gross weight: 555 lb. (250kg)
❤️3D model of BEAR:
Height: 39 Inches (100cm);
Width: 51 Inches (130cm);
Depth: 20 Inches (51cm);
Net weight: 44.8 lb. (21,5kg);
Gross weight: 79.2 lb. (38kg)
❤️3D model of PITBULL:

🐘 ELEPHANT 1/4 of life-size:
❤️3D model of ELEPHANT:
Height: 47 Inches (119cm);
Width: 65 Inches (165cm);
Depth: 36 Inches (91cm);
Net weight: 95 lb. (43kg);
Gross weight: 333 lb. (150kg)
(incl. custom orders)

We make life-size sculptures only,
cat is the smallest,
learn more about animal

No assembly is required;
Painted options are available;
Delivery to your door
in a big plywood crate.


Stainless steel is increasingly becoming popular as the primary material for making sculptures and contemporary art. This is so because of the many benefits that stainless steel offers to both sculptors and art lovers. Stainless steel sculptures are solid and durable. They can survive for a long time in any environment, and they can have a clean or rough finish depending on how you want them. This makes them perfect for public art.

Like stainless steel furniture, these sculptures are eco-friendly. The manufacturing process causes no harm to the environment, and the final product can be recycled after many years of continuous use. When buying your stainless steel sculpture from Ponoma Steel, you are offered various options to choose from. This includes Lion, Leopard, Cat, and Dog statues. All sculptures come in the form of a life-sized animal statue, which gives them their stylish look.

Why Stainless Steel?

Bronze has been the prominent material sculptors use to make their art. However, this has been replaced with stainless steel owing to the many advantages that stainless steel offers. These advantages are also why Ponoma animal sculptures are of high quality and are perfect if you wish to give your interiors and exteriors a stylish look. Here are some benefits of stainless steel sculptures.

  • Sculpture is resistant to corrosion

Stainless steel, the material used to create our sculptures, is resistant to corrosion. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can place your beautiful artwork in the open without the fear of rust.

  • Sculpture can be cleaned easily

Dust and debris can be removed easily from your stainless steel animal statue. This makes them remain clean and look new for a very long time. This is one of the reasons you should go for a stainless steel kitchen countertop.

  • Sculpture maintains its worth

Stainless steel sculptures are incredibly durable. There are strong and can last for a long time. This, in addition to the fact that they remain clean for more extended periods, makes them maintain their worth. After several years of use, these sculptures would still maintain high value at a resale.

These characteristics ensure you enjoy your contemporary design of stainless steel sculptures for a more extended period. This makes them cost-effective.

Using Stainless Steel Sculptures in your Interior and Exterior Designs

It has been established that stainless steel sculptures are perfect whether you need to place them outdoors under extreme weather conditions or indoors to beautify your home. The materials used are of high quality and would work in either case while maintaining their worth for an extended period.

Ponoma animal sculptures are for you if you are an animal lover. Do you love lions which are impossible to keep at home? You can buy a life-sized sculpture of a lion from Ponoma. This can be placed at both sides of the entrance to your home or out in your garden. The life-size cat or dog statue can be placed on a shelf close to your bed. This would work together with your interior design to create that elegant look you desire.

You can also buy any sculpture from our store as a gift to someone you know who loves art and animals. Our sculptures can also be presented to your pet. If you have a dog, surprise it with a life-sized dog sculpture as a gift.

Why buy from Ponoma Steel?

Buying your stainless steel sculptures from Ponoma Steel online store is easy and convenient. The entire ordering process takes place online, and you will have your sculpture delivered to your doorstep adequately packaged. You can make custom orders and request to have your sculpture painted to a color of your choice. Our sculptures require no assembly, and we offer various discounts to cut the cost.