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Kitchen countertops and backsplashes are necessary items that protect a large part of the kitchen. The kind of materials used in these areas has a significant effect on its entire design. 

Stainless steel kitchen countertops have a catalog on, where you can select any of your choices and buy from. 

Your kitchen countertops and backsplash combination should be stylish and something you love. The probably uncountable choices for Countertop and Backsplash can be exhausting. 

You need to decide if you're thinking up backsplash ideas and how you can combine kitchen countertops with your Backsplash.

Picking a countertop that matches your Backsplash is not a heavy task, but it's not as simple as A, B, C too. Complimentary colors alone won't make an ideal match. You must be aware of movement, pattern, and sheen to produce a look you genuinely adore. 

Many experts will suggest you select your Countertop before your Backsplash. This is because countertops are considered to be a more excellent investment than the Backsplash.

Types of Countertops with Backsplash

  • Use classic materials for a countertop and backsplash combination

Timeless materials can be used uniquely in a countertop and backsplash combination that will look contemporary and alive.

Some use standard subway tiles set in a stacked fashion to give a very modern look. 

  • Shimmering Countertop and Backsplash

A shimmering countertop with Backsplash gives a vibrant and colorful look. It could have an extended diamond shape and an illuminating pearl touch.

These countertops are built with concrete and recycled glass that sparkles a little under light. 

  • Dark Soapstone Countertops

These types of countertops make the room serene and add a different texture coating.

If a glazed green tile is used across the Backsplash, it gives intense color and a glittering, relatively uneven surface for movement. 

  • Marble Countertops

Marble is a classic, pretty choice to be introduced to kitchen countertops. For this exquisite material to stand out as the prominent inclusion, pick a backsplash that incorporates into the background.

In this case, when white grout is layered on subway tile, they form a mildly textured backsplash that can serve as a space for elegant marble countertops. 

  • Dark Gray Countertop

The tones of a dark gray countertop prevent the monochromatic layer from getting cold. A range hood fastened with wood contributes natural beauty and warmth to the kitchen. 

  • Bright white countertops

Bright white countertops direct light from the windows of the dining and center attention to the Backsplash.

The green tile outlined on this Backsplash gives the cooking area a bold pattern.

Pros of Stainless-steel kitchen countertops and Backsplash

Modern Look

Stainless steel kitchen countertops will help your kitchen retain a contemporary look. Stainless-steel countertops are the latest trend.

Apart from its sophisticated and pretty look, the material is virtually indestructible.

In the past, steel was used as kitchen utensils and cutlery, but that isn't the case.



Stainless-steel countertops are practical, and they are usually installed alongside a stainless steel backsplash so that spot would give off a friendly contemporary vibe with various colors and styles to pick from.


Hygienic solution

These materials are a very hygienic solution in your kitchen. They won't allow bacteria to find a way to grow in your space quickly.



Stainless steel can withstand heat, damage from water, and stains. It is non-porous, and other materials cannot penetrate it; that is why it can resist bacterial infection, mold, and other contaminants.

Regular cleaning is sufficient to preserve its shine on which you can cook healthy and clean food.


Looks sophisticated

Stainless steel cabinets have a sophisticated appearance that fits any kitchen and looks ideal and neat irrespective of where they are installed.

Laying this material at any spot is very easy, on which you can carry out experiments and think up innovative countertop combinations.

The same for cleaning. It can be done quickly, especially when there is no corner amid the counter and sink.

People also use stainless steel countertops because of their shiny exterior, which reflects light and can thus make even the tiniest kitchen look more prominent and very spacious.

Custom or Stock?

Custom countertops are the benchmark for kitchen countertops. As these cabinets are handmade, they can last for decades and are available in the preferred sizes and shapes you want.

By working directly with a designer, they can make custom countertops that blend with your kitchen and has every necessary work, the precise touch, and extra features that make them truly remarkable.

They require you to spend more.

Stock countertops are also known as budget cabinets. These countertops are available in practice layouts, pretty designs, and durable forms.

They are much more affordable than custom countertops and are perfect when remodeling your kitchen with little money.

With stock cabinets, you get the exact value of your money, and there aren't many doors and color varieties, while custom countertops have much more options than stock countertops. 

Also, one exciting feature about custom cabinets is that they can change your kitchen's entire look and provide superb resale value. At the same time, stock countertops may not give a similar return from your investment.

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