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Collection: Black floating shelves Ponoma®

Have you ever thought of creating comfort in your home without overloading the space with extra stuff? The right atmosphere helps you relax, tune in, and spend time with benefit. Here is your perfect solution. Ponoma steel, floating wall shelves can equip every room, hall and make an illusion of light space. They look great and can be used in an apartment, townhouse, office, and other places. Order and buy products online on the website at a decent cost. Besides shelves of various colors: from black to white, sizes, and forms, you can purchase other furniture pieces like lettering and decorative statues.

Effectiveness in Work 

Steel shelves are perfect for any type of space; along with a stylish look, they are quite functional. All items are made with medical stainless steel AISI304 and have a set of following features: 

  1. The thickness material guarantees that pieces will not deform and serve you a long time.
  2. Fire and water resistance. It makes it ideal for y kitchen or bathroom spaces, where humidity levels are high. Finally, you found a place where to store bathroom candles. 
  3. It is simply cleaned. It needs no special cleaning substances, and its airy surface can be wiped with a piece of cloth.
  4. Its design helps to hide cables and cords. 
  5. Heavy objects can be placed on shelves. For example, you may see how products were tested with 2 buckets filled with liquid on the website. 
  6. Toxic-free. We produce all furniture from medical steel because we care about the environment and people's health.

To hang furniture, you have to utilize specific hardware SnapToggles. It is a ready solution to install lovely shelves on:

  • plasterboard;
  • wallboard;
  • sheetrock;
  • gypsum board;
  • gyprock or gypsum panel.

These qualities help to organize space effectively and in style without complex elements.

Perfect Storage Option

There are some ways to store various things on the shelves. Here you can get creative. Place decorative items, miniature figurines, books, beautiful caskets, photo frames, or dishes. No need to hide stuff under the bed or in cupboards. If you put a magazine in an open space where you or others might notice it, it will be easy to reach it. Make your home convenient and beautiful with additional storage places. 

Reveal Your Personality

New furniture pieces can add an original look to your rooms. Mostly they can be simply designed, but little things that you keep on them can show your character and tell more about your fancies and hobbies. Arrange elements differently, build triangles or lines of items, place figurines or vases on books. See the latest trends and try to follow them by decorating your shelves. Sort stuff out based on color or their shapes, or combine different materials and plants.

Manage the Mess

Since products can bear significant weight, you can utilize shelves as a bench, but it has to be installed on stone or metal walls. Their airy surface allows keeping their really big elements. Cover or smooth corners by hanging a couple of shelves. It adds functionality and a fresh view to walls. Place pots with interesting plants, cactuses, or textile elements. Use every spare foot effectively.

Get Rid of Clutter

We buy and carry many things that we sometimes do not know where to put. With Ponoma shelves, it is easy to find additional space for your stuff. Experiment with thousands of possible ways how to manage various items and create an original design. Store kitchenware or bathroom cosmetics safely on the steel surface of the shelf. Choose any color: from black to red, according to your house design. Fill space with an illusion of light, relaxing atmosphere without an overload of stuff.

Organizing Your Closet

It is significant that your wardrobe, even if it is small, can keep a huge amount of clothing items well-managed and always at hand. Shelves help you to find more places to keep your jewelry, belts, accessories, bags, and sweaters. Mix shelves with standing hangers to create ready outfits. Thus you will not spend extra time on preparations. Arrange all items the way you can see everything. All goods have a set of screws for brick and stone to avoid all troubles with installation. If your closet is small, and you possess a lot of clothes, just buy Ponoma steel furniture. It is simple in cleaning and handling. Material can withstand any corrosion and humidity. Your clothes will be in great shape and with the perfect scent.

Perks to Buy from Ponoma Steel

In order to be responsible for our client’s business, we offer top quality, a decent price range, and professional assistance. Make the conversation enjoyable. To facilitate cooperation in a win-win situation, establish long-term mutual benefit.

Choose us because we provide:

  1. Strict quality control.
  2. Excellent after-sales help
  3. Fast, safe delivery.
  4. Standard packing.
  5. Good reputation.
  6. Large assortment of goods in stock.
  7. Professional production and sales team.
  8. Fast application processing (within 1-2 days).
  9. Free delivery (within Continental USA): 1-5 days. Other countries: 8-15 days. Get these industrial quality shelves from Ponoma for everyday use, practicality, and tidiness in your restaurant, bar, cafe, kitchen. Premium stainless steel for a high-quality finish makes it anti-corrosion in harsh commercial environments. Select online products of different shapes, colors, and sizes to decorate corners and other places accessible on the website.