Collection: Lettering made of stainless steel Ponoma®

The Ponoma lettering is a food-grade (AISI 304), 14” (35.6m) high stainless-steel sign. With a 1/5” (5 mm) brushed thickness that gives it a shine you can see it from a distance. It attracts attention without being extravagant.

 Stainless steel is a versatile material; you can get creative with your choice. You have the final say on the features of your lettering. If you’re looking for a functional and stylish lettering sign, this is for you.

You can buy this lettering from the Ponoma store. Other stores are Shop, Houzz, Facebook, Pinterest, and Etsy.

We use UPS and FedEx for US deliveries. In the international space, our orders come through DHL Express and USPS. 


Ponoma is an eco-friendly company, so we make our products in environmental consciousness. The lettering is cheap and long-lasting. “Why?” because stainless steel is a timeless material. 

 When you select a product, you look for long-lasting ones. No one wants to buy lettering that rusts or damages within a short period. You want the assurance that you’re getting your money’s worth. 

 The Ponoma lettering sign can withstand harsh weather conditions. Liquid slides off the polished surface easily. This finish gives you the liberty to clean with any agent you like. Say goodbye to molds and other biological growths forming from stagnant water. 

Style and Finishes 

You want to choose lettering that is durable and stylish. The standard font size commands attention at 14” high and 1/5” brushed thickness. You can request a custom design online. 

Customers who care about aesthetic and color scheming can rest easy with Ponoma. You can pick the pattern, color, font size and style, and every other feature. We design the stainless-steel lettering to your taste.

 We have a wide variety of colors and patterns available to select from. We produce gloss, matte, and metallic finishing. You can even design your stainless-steel lettering to imitate other materials. We paint patterns like wood, marble, linoleum, etc.!

Some of the matte colors are; chiffon cream, harvest grape, deep teal, white, and slate. 

We have metallic colors in bronze, antique, burnished brass, gold, etc.

Gloss paints come in hunter green, black, and other colors. Choose a sample plate on the web page. 


This lettering is standalone with extensions that fit seamlessly into the wall. You drill the four protruding thin rods into the surface you want. The product comes with mount hardware to make this installation easy.

The included hardware are welded bolts, paper templates, and silicon glue. Silicon glue gives you a flawless finish without damaging the work surface. The lettering comes off as easy as it goes on. 

The Ponoma lettering is a DIYer’s delight. You do a stress-free installation with a complete hardware kit.

It doesn’t get better than this! 


You can buy the standard 14” (35.6cm) height lettering at $42 per unit. This stock is available for immediate pick up at the store. You can also order it online—the processing time before shipment is 4-5weeks.

Ponoma also makes specialized lettering. We can modify it to your taste. Pick any of the available colors from our catalog.

For special orders, you can request the online page. Specify the height of uppercase letters in the “note for seller” section. The delivery for a custom order takes six weeks because it’s not in stock at the requested time.  

Advantages of buying from the Ponoma store 

Customer Service 

At Ponoma, we have a specialized team that designs unique lettering. We deliver across the continent within five business days. For international deliveries, we take 8-15 business days.

We also offer free deliveries worldwide (Terms and Conditions apply). 

Our products arrive in a plywood box to ensure safety in transit. We guarantee that you’ll receive your package in good condition.  

Quality Product 

We use the best materials for our products and provide a comprehensive package. When you buy our lettering, you get a complimentary mount hardware kit. With Ponoma, you get a complete package for the price of one! You can forget a few pieces if you buy the hardware separately.

If you want lettering that is durable and stylish, Ponoma is the one for you. The design is easy to navigate when cleaning. You can get into the nooks and crannies of the mounting surface. 


You don’t have to break the bank to shop with Ponoma. Our quotes remain affordable despite including duties and taxes. A lettering sign is $45, and you may qualify for a discount when you buy more than one. 

You save money when you shop with one of our discounts. A customers’ favorite is the 20% off for orders worth $2,000 and more. Some countries get a 0% tax rate!

At Ponoma, you can pay in installments for orders between $50-$1,000 with ShopPay. We are responsible for customs and import taxes on our foreign orders. You don’t incur extra costs upon delivery. What you see is what you get! 


We give you the confidence of a warranty on our products. There are conditions upon which Ponoma would repair or replace damaged lettering. Fulfill the terms of our return policy to activate the warranty. 

We have a 30-days return policy.

Please inspect the package immediately after you get it. Check for defection, damage, or wrong orders, then make your complaints within 30 days. Your item must be in the same condition you received it with tags and receipts as proof of purchase. 

You would get an automatic refund upon approval of your return. The buyer handles return shipping costs. Lodge all complaints at  


Ponoma steel collects necessary information from your device when you visit the website. This information includes personal and internet details. We use them to improve your browsing experience and facilitate your order.

Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology encrypt your data. Online shopping is easy and safe with Ponoma. We also accept Credit cards and Mobile banks like PayPal.

Ponoma has recognition as a registered company, so you don’t have to worry about fraud.