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stainless steel polygonal sculpture

Using Stainless Steel for Sculptures

Stainless steel is the number one material in art and sculptures for the last few decades. Nothing new — features of the steel allow creating the best artwork. Artists weld pre-made shapes together to create something completely new and unique — isn’t it poetic?

How stainless steel is used in art

There’s no metal factory that can provide unique shapes for every client individually. This is what makes the making of steel sculptures a pleasant challenge — artists use the same shapes of the metal that big industries and small welding factories do. 

Artists use beams, corners, tees, and small details made of stainless steel:

  • beams are a good choice for creating a structural base for different objects;
  • channels add some extra toughness;
  • corners and tees provide additional support to the sculpture.

Every shape can be easily bent, welded or connected to other shapes in order to assemble a sculpture.

Steel remains a popular material among sculpturers because welding can add any features and any shapes to the existing ones. During the welding, it becomes liquid under high temperatures, acquiring a new shape and properties. Afterwards the sculpture is being slowly cooled down. Local application of high heat allows to weld and attach two shapes to one another — this is the main principle of the making of such sculptures.



To create their extraordinary art, some artists use another method after the welding process. Welding leaves a trail of boiled and cooled down metal of both attached shapes, and to create an even texture, the seam of the sculpture is nearly polished through grinding and sanding.

Also, stainless steel remains the number one choice among other materials by it's durability and strength. It can also be both polished and grazed, with tough seams — it's always up  to choose the texture.

lion mirrored sculpture

And if you think that metal art is not an art, think about the Statue of Liberty — this was welded, too.

How to choose a sculpture for home decoration? 

Having a steel sculpture is a bold statement — this is a pure art in the form of wall sculpture, statue or a little press. Using imagination and basic shapes, artists create custom decorations. Feel free to use a PONOMA discount code to get 10%off.

You can easily find a design that suits your house or garden — a statue, wall art or a sculpture with a touch of grunge. If you plan to place a certain decoration in your garden, make sure it's created with stainless steel — the main feature of this material is it's corrosion resistance.






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