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stainless steel sculptures for entertainment center

Ponoma news

June 2024:


 We start producing of Mirror finished shelves, the test samples are available too:






Jul 2023:


 Our painter no longer uses spray cans and works on a professional mixing machine:

professional mixing machine

June 2023:



color range


May 2023:

 Ponoma LLC. is a sculpture provider of a big entertainment center in Massachusetts (opening soon):


sculpture boston


July 2022:

 We've just tested our new pet in Danville:

February 2022:

 We've relocated to a new address and we enjoy the snow!

2414 Batestown Road,  Danville, IL 61832


2414 Batestown Rd Danville 61832, IL


This is what it will look like in spring:


2414 Batestown Rd Danville, IL 

July 2021:

 We've updated our Standard Color Range by Copper, Dark copper, and Classic bronze

instead of Gold, Evening navy, and Burnished brass colors:


May 2021:


COVID memorial "Empathy" - project of Fatima Grand Studio was presented 

during the Southern Sweden Design Days on May.27-30 2021 in Malmo, Sweden. Ponoma LLC. is happy to support this project:

February 2021:

Meet the Ponoma stainless steel sculptures:



November 2020:

We glad to introduce a novelty from Ponoma:


November 2020:

Goodbye Amazon!

We leave marketplace.
We do not want to raise our prices for the commission from Amazon,
which already reaches 15%,
and wait a month and a half for money from Amazon for our goods.
As a token of gratitude to our clients Lisa and Mark,
we send them our branded T-shirts for their warm words:


Amazon goodbye!

July 2020:

We've sold 4,000 stainless steel shelves and countertops
 in the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand,
Japan, Mexico, etc.: 400 trees were saved.


Due to coronavirus (COVID-19),
processing time in the USA is taking longer 2-3 days than usual. 
STOPCOVID19 on Ponoma


    March 2020:

    💥More customers choose the painted Ponoma® shelves:
    our painter has more work - you can request painted options for any size of Ponoma shelves!


    colored PonoMA SHELVES

    January 2020:

    We've created Ponoma Group on Facebook 
    to help group members
    find the information they're interested in:


    November 2019:

    1. We've started serial production of the spray-painted stainless steel floating shelves Ponoma®.
    ~20 colors are waiting for your orders:


    Color range


    2. We've sold 3,000 stainless steel shelves and countertops in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, etc.: 300 trees were saved


    Ponoma saves forests



    June 2019:

    We've sold 2,000 stainless steel shelves in Continental USA
    ~200 trees were saved


     Ponoma's worldwide sells

    May 2019:
    We've started sells floating shelves Ponoma® with high power LED lights:
    shelf Ponoma with led lights 
     Black shelf Ponoma with LED lights
      February 2019:
    We've sold 1,500 stainless steel shelves in Continental USA
    ~150 trees were saved
      December 2018:
    We've registered the Ponoma® trademark! 
    US registered trade mark Ponoma

    November 2018:

    1st selling to Tokyo, Japan
    October 2018 :
    Yes !!! 
    We've sold first 1000 stainless steel shelves Ponoma
    ~100 trees were saved

    September 2018:

    3d selling to Canada, Victoria
    five stars review from Canada

    August 2018:

    1st selling to Canada, Thunder Bay
    2nd selling to Canada, Toronto

    July 2018 :

    Ponoma has expanded warehouse space
    in Champaign, Illinois, USA.
    Yes !!!  
    We've sold 500 stainless steel shelves Ponoma
    ~50 trees were saved

    June 2018:

    1st selling to Australia, Mount Annan 
    1st selling to Mexico, Veracruz

    June 2018:

    2nd selling to Hawaii, Kealakekua
    March 2018:
    1st selling to Alaska, Anchorage

    April 2018:

    We've sold 250 stainless steel shelves in Continental USA
    ~25 trees were saved

    July 2017:

    Ponoma was born
    Ponoma was burn

    Top of your questions:





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