Collection: Curved seamless stainless steel shelves Ponoma®

It is always a problem to decorate home space with a pinch of taste, find a balance between stylish and reserved design. With Ponoma steel, you will receive top-class furniture, including seamless, stainless floating shelves of all kinds, shapes, and colors at a decent cost. Also, you can find other decorative items such as sculptures and lettering. Order and buy goods online from the convenient, intuitive website and organize your place. 

Functionality vs. Great Look

We produce all products the way they would be suitable for almost any type of style. But their aesthetic look should not perplex you because shelves are as well functional. We support the environment, and that is why we work only with materials that do not bring harm to nature, such as medical steel AISI304. It has several great things about it:

  1. Resistance to deformation. This feature helps our floating, seamless shelves serve you for a long time. 
  2. Corrosion resistance. It means that the material can withstand an excessive amount of water and other liquids. Its durability allows people to give it preference over wood and plastic.
  3. Heat resistance. Put hot items on the surface, and it will look as good as new afterward.
  4. Elasticity and ease of welding, cutting. The feature is mostly useful for workers who handle the steel because it lets them make any forms and shapes they wish.
  5. Toxic-free. Stainless steel proved to be one of the most ecological materials, so it does not discharge any harmful substances into the atmosphere and is safe for people.
  6. Easy to clean. It is not a secret that you can spend just two minutes cleaning the surface. That is why these furniture pieces are popular for kitchen or bathroom spaces.

Shelves can bear really heavy objects, like two buckets filled with water. Do not worry if you need to place some heavy stuff. If you are looking for a solution how to hide your electric cords, it is a match. They are effective, great-looking, and fit any room. 

Spare Corners to Hide

There are many ways to decorate walls in the house. Plants, huge vases, designer stands, and statues, or a textile solution hide necessary elements but will be less effective. However, trying to use each free corner is possible. With curved, airy shelves, you get extra space for your belongings. They are perfect for any living place; just choose the right color. They create an illusion of a light atmosphere without an overload of much stuff. Place one shelf under another to put more extra items.

Perfect Storage Space

It is a well-known problem when you are seeking additional places to hide or store stuff. With curved, seamless shelves, you can stop. Purchase a bunch of them, organize them as you like, a place in any room, and enjoy the view. Store books, flower pots, dishes, other kitchen supplies, photo frames with memorable pictures or miniature statues, gifts from friends. Another storage corner can be achieved by hanging a shelf in the bathroom and placing all your cosmetics and beauty devices there. Since the furniture is fire resistant, it is perfect for candles and scented things. To feel a relaxing and safe atmosphere, lighten a candle and forget about cleaning. Everything can be done in seconds.

Interior Customization

If you are not a designer, it might be hard to decide on furniture or style to select. But steel goods can make any room look great, powerful, and original. Personalization of your interior is hidden in the details you add. The methods of organization are viable, though. Beautiful boxes, different baskets look accurate and eye-pleasing. Remove smaller things: magazines, books, dishes that are not intended for display in them. Thus, it is easier to get the needed book or magazine.

Managing Clutter

When you move into a new home or striving to restore order in your room, there is an issue of unfitting elements, like jewelry, old toys, or a globe. One of the shortest accessible ways to find a place is to hang a shelf. Here you found your extra helper. Put necessary items on it, arrange them by size or color, build triangles. Everything should be concordantly arranged in height. For example, put a low vase or small figurines on a bunch of books. This way, you put them on a base and invite attention to them. If you are placing a short item on a shelf, put a frame or a book in the background to balance the height of the composition. Try to be creative, enjoy the process. It is a win-win solution to engage several identical items, standing in a row or symmetrically on adjacent shelves.

Organizing Wardrobe

For a well-managed closet organization, buy shelves of all kinds, select suitable colors, different sizes. This option lets you widen space around, find more opportunities and variations of keeping things in order. Try to sort your clothing items from shoeboxes, belts, and accessories. Leave each shelf for a particular type of garment. Mix shelves with hangers, so you would create outfits and grab the desired clothes at once.

Reasons It is Beneficial to Purchase from Us

Ponoma steel offers customers a wide range of furniture made from ecological materials such as medical steel AISI304. The company is situated in the US, but shipping is accessible to other countries within 8-15 business days. We deliver samples to help our customers decide on the type of surface and color. Leave feedback about your shopping experience, read reviews. Order goods online at a decent cost. Fill your walls with airy shelves and store your clutter in style.