Collection: Furniture Ponoma®

Looking for new tables, chairs, nightstands for home, outdoor, or even for commerce, visit Ponoma online store. The trader offers a collection of high-quality elements made of medical stainless steel. The material impresses with its innovative characters but still enables purchasers to buy some pieces at a reasonable price. Pieces that demonstrate the following advantages.

Durable and Stable Multipurpose Furniture  

Stainless steel medical AISI 304 grade material enhances the stability and durability of the furniture. The thickness of the parts guarantees that pieces avoid deformation. Besides, the material is non-corrosive. Tables and chairs do not require any assembly. They do not contain any wood, chipboard, MDF, or plastic. Therefore, customers do not need to care about the quality and origin of the fittings.

Safety Characteristics

Ponoma steel furniture demonstrates fireproofing, waterproofing and guards against theft. Pieces could be used for risky and unsaved premises and services for different types of activities. The collection made of this material and showing these capacities would be a perfect choice for regions with a high risk of natural disasters. The items will stay safe and maintain a good condition even after floods and typhoons.

Rational Usage of Space and Costs Reduction

Tables and chairs have clear and simple forms. The owners can combine the pieces most efficiently and optimize the space usage, which is especially valuable for regions where people pay high rent for apartments and offices. The strong furniture construction could be perfect for storage, organization of working places, craft ateliers, food services, libraries, and law practices dealing with huge archives.

No Damage to People Health

The process of steel furniture production does not require any specific chemical elements like glue that could be harmful to health and environment. Pieces contain only steel sheets of good quality that do not produce any toxic fumes even when affected by sun or water. No special cleaning agents are needed to brush and polish the items.

Environmentally Friendly

The creation of the furniture does not involve any stages that could be harmful or dangerous for nature. The steel that is used for its production is recyclable. It makes the items zero-waste and eco-friendly.

Long Lifetime

Due to its features and stability, the pieces will serve for many years. Even if owners are tired of these tables and chairs and would like to change the furnishing, the strong construction of the elements will enable the sellers to find new purchasers who will buy, easily clean them and enjoy the furniture for up to 20 years. 

Uncomplicated to Treat and Maintain

Follow these simple rules to keep the furniture in good condition:

  1. Avoid knocking during transportation and delivery to prevent scratching the surface.
  2. Place the pieces keeping a distance from the wall.
  3. The floor under the furniture should stay dry.
  4. The absence of contact with alkali liquid and acid will not enable any erosion
  5. Stained surfaces should be wiped with a dry cloth.
  6. The usage of corrosive substances is prohibited.
  7. Doors and drawers should be switched lightly not to leave heavy crashes.
  8. Don’t apply hard objects that could scratch the table surface.

    Fashionable and Trendy

    Modern and unique design provides a comfortable atmosphere and would suit many restaurants, bars, cafes. Furniture characteristics give a reason to believe that pieces would be a smart investment as items can serve for years and can be sold and find new owners again and again. 

    Pieces will help not only arrange a suitable working place at home but also develop a certain unrepeatable style indoors and outdoors. The luster finish of the natural stainless steel makes the design of the furniture and sculptures even more attractive and ideal for businesses that use the pieces outside where they could be affected by the sunlight.

    High Load-Carrying Capacity

    This feature provides a wide margin of safety against accidental loading; therefore, items could be applied to store boxes with craft materials and heavy stuff or serve as cupboards at the restaurants. Optimized construction of the furniture and its correct combination could even enhance its traits.


    Plain forms of the stable items enable owners to construct and combine elements in various ways. They would optimize the organization of the premises and enhance the capacity of the space. 

    Wide Range of Application Modes

    Modern pieces would be an interesting purchase for different types of decoration and furnishing. Many types of organizations (supermarkets, dormitories, factories, governmental agencies, etc.) and premises like stores and warehouses would benefit from using the steel items.

    How to Buy Ponoma Steel Furniture Collection

    Do not forget about the advantages of buying from the Ponoma Steel online store. The sizes of the items could be customized according to the purposes of purchasers and the types of businesses. 

    The collection includes common and coffee tables, ordinary and bar stools as well as breakfast bars, benches, and kitchen (soon).

    A wide range of colors makes the pieces suitable for any design. Worldwide delivery is free of charge. All items are packed into plywood boxes. The online store offers various discounts to cut the total cost:

    • 10% off discount code for joining the Facebook Ponoma Group;
    • 35% off for the items on sale.