Collection: Stainless steel floating shelves Ponoma®

Our shelves are well-constructed from high-quality stainless steel. Unlike other forms of furniture, stainless steel does not emit harmful fumes and is water-resistant. The shelves are the floating type that does not require external support. This gives a beautiful illusion of items floating against the wall.

In addition to a classy design, these shelves are perfect solutions for small room space. You can use the shelves for multiple purposes, just like our medical stainless steel furniture.

This shelf will help you organize your stuff in simple and easily accessible ways. It will fit several room sizes and decor in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and workspace.

The steel nature of this shelf makes it malleable and hence can be molded into the perfect size to fill up corners or the awkwardness of an empty wall.


The made-to-order shelves (custom shelves) are an effective addition to the furniture of every room. They are not only fashionable, but they also create an airy and clean atmosphere in your surroundings.

Here is a list of benefits you will enjoy with these shelves:

1. Storage: You know how congested a place could get. A toy lying around on the floor, books and documents sitting on the couch, or a set of dinnerware that seems out of place.  Even for a big space, a lack of proper storage furniture can be hard to deal with. This stainless steel shelf makes it easy to organize your stuff. You can simply add this shelf to your bathroom to keep your toiletries. This shelf can also replace conventional closets and cupboards in the kitchen. In the bedroom, you can fix this convenient shelf to function as a nightstand.

With a proper storage solution such as this, you can create the illusion of having a bigger room.

2. Showcase your personality: It has become old-fashioned to lock your collectibles, books, plant pots, or fancy dinnerware behind closed doors. Use this shelf to turn your room into a visually appealing place for yourself and visitors. Add a beautiful personality to your space with a framed picture, work of art, or herb pots sitting on top of this friendly shelf.

Share your interests and hobbies by displaying them around you with a suitable steel shelf.

3. Organize Clutter: Clutter is an everyday nightmare. It is often frustrating to see your place littered with toys, laundry, junk mail, newspapers, eyeglasses, stationery, or dishes. This shelf has an effective anti-clutter function. You can simply arrange your clutter on the shelf to make them accessible and in check.

4. Organize Closet: How long does it take you to arrange your closet on average? Too long? You aren't alone, and we have all been there. Your closet organization is more accessible with these stainless steel shelves.

Simply install the shelves into your closet and categorize your clothes appropriately. You may choose to place pants on a separate shelf, t-shirts on another, then pajamas, tops, and so on. Even a tiny closet can accommodate all your wardrobe.

To make it even easier, you can keep your most-used clothes at eye level so you can stretch your hand and teach them effortlessly. Even your shoes could get a comfortable space within your closet. Therefore, picking a shoe that matches your dress is way easier.

A small space such as your closet could be transformed into an airy and clean space with the design of this shelf.

5. Utilize Corners: Many people struggle with awkward corners and empty wall spaces in their rooms. With a proper shelf by your side, you can fill up that awkwardness with an incredible piece of furniture. You can easily convert a corner of your room into a home office, a bookshelf, or a display corner with a stainless steel shelf. If you choose to convert the corner into a home office, the shelf surface can be utilized for writing, placing your laptop, stationery, etc. By creatively utilizing the corners, you create an illusion of having a spacious room.

Because these shelves are customizable, you can order what will perfectly fit your corner or wall.

We recommend that you add these made-to-order shelves to your kitchen, room, or office. They are versatile and will fit both modern and traditional decor.


Ponoma Steel is an environmentally conscious company that provides durable and fashionable stainless steel furniture. Our customers stand to gain the following advantages from us:

High-quality standard: Our furniture is 18 Gauge AISI 304 grade stainless steel, medically safe, and eco-friendly. This material is everlasting and easy to clean. You don't have to worry about harmful fumes, water, or mold damage.

We offer a 100% guarantee of high standard quality on all our products.

Convenience: Our furniture brings absolute and exciting comfort to your house or office. We go a step further to ensure that you don't feel any discomfort while searching for comfortable furniture.

Shopping with us is now easier than ever before. From the comfort of your house, you can order your product of choice from our online store. We swiftly process your order and ship it in damage-resistant packaging to your address of choice.

Cost-effectiveness:  We offer the best prices services without compromising our high-quality standards. You can get reasonable discounts on products you buy from our store and free shipping to your address. Feel at ease to contact us for discount rates.

You deserve comfort at an affordable cost.

Responsiveness: Our support team is always available to respond to your requests. Kindly contact us directly to get clarifications or send requests via any of our online contacts.

Return and refund: Customers can return products delivered to them within 30 days. We offer a 100% refund policy on products that meet the refund requirements. Please see our return policy.