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stainless steel curved shelf

5 benefits of stainless steel floating shelves

Trying to clear some additional free space in your house can be a real itch — the furniture is too large, all the stuff in boxes is impossible to be moved somewhere else... Or is it?

When you ditch your storage furniture in favor of floating shelves, everything starts to make sense — you immediately realize you don’t need all these big cabinets. This is especially important when it comes to living in shared apartments — if you need more space, get some space. It’s that easy — floating shelves can free you from endless storage boxes in the best minimalistic manner possible.



Five benefits of stainless steel floating shelves

  1. They are sleek. When you take the first look at them, your first thought is about gravity and how come it doesn’t work there. Floating shelves don’t have brackets, they look pretty stylish and futuristic, which is great for many minimalistic home design ideas. The whole construction is supported by hidden supports inside these shelves — tiny but strong metal bars attached to the wall. And yes, regular brackets are still cool, but sleek floating shelves? They look awesome!
  2. They are robust. Having metal bars instead of brackets doesn’t make floating shelves weak. In a matter of fact, stainless steel shelves are durable enough to hold even more weight than usual shelves. This durability completely relies on anchoring supports tightly to the wall, so it’s really a matter of proper installation (we’ll cover this topic a bit later in this article). Also, it’s a great choice for furnishing your kitchen, because stainless steel shelves are strong, water-resistant (bye-bye, corrosion) and really easy to clean — the last two are a win-win against wooden kitchen furniture.
  3. They give you space. It’s even more important to note when you live in the apartment — every square foot matters. A few floating shelves above your sofa will relieve you from the need of keeping a proper bookshelf, and shelves near your desk can save some space for your books and documents so you don’t have to keep a cabinet in your room. You can even add some shelves in the corners of your room — it’s a great place to keep plants and decor!
  4. They are easy to install. You won’t need to spend money on the contractor to install our floating shelves. Small bars inside the construction have enough durability to hold it, and they can be easily attached to the studs on the wall. All you need is a level, drill, and tape to measure the distance between studs. Plus, the ability to freely place them wherever you like, levels up your home design game. Try some experimenting: place shelves wherever you live, use unusual angles and sticky tape to make it look like the objects placed there don’t know what gravity is. Floating shelves are a great choice to make your apartment look truly unique.
  5. They can be used however you like. Who said that stainless steel is only good for storing your books and picture frames? Attach a few shelves in the corner and make it a mini-bar with a little touch of the LED tape. Also, stainless steel is a water-resistant material, so you can use it in the kitchen or bathroom. It also has the same temperature all the time unless you heat it up on purpose, so you can store their food, drinks, and other stuff that has to be kept at the optimal temperature.




Bend the rules

Wooden cabinets have rules — they don’t have water resistance and it’ll take you a few hours to clean them properly. Wooden shelves don’t have enough durability to serve in the kitchen or in humid rooms. Furniture like this is large and hardly can be customized.


That’s why you should definitely try stainless steel furniture — and floating shelves are your best choice. They save you a lot of functional space, they can be cleaned in a few swipes and you can store there literally anything as long as it fits the width of the shelf. 


Bring this new flavor to your apartment, and you’ll see a solid difference — no more rummaging through old boxes, no more moving furniture in order to get more space. Choose your comfort and freedom to customize your place as cool as you want it. And feel free to use a PONOMA discount code to get 10%off.





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