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24"x12"x1.5" (cm.61x30,5x3,8) brushed stainless steel floating shelf
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24"x12"x1.5" (cm.61x30,5x3,8) brushed stainless steel floating shelf

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All visible edges of shelves Ponoma® are made seamless.

Material:  food grade (AISI 304) brushed stainless steel (natural), sheetmetal 's thickness mm1.2 as in 67'Ford Mustang. Also, we offer brass, matte black and other colors of spray painted stainless steel shelves: chiffon cream (matte), aluminum (metallic), harvest grape (matte), perfect gray (matte), gold (metallic), deep teal (matte), evening navy (matte), claret wine (matte), hunter green (gloss), mantucket blue (matte), sage green (gloss), colonial red (matte), burnished brass (metallic), dark bronze (metallic), coastal sage (matte), white (matte), antique brass (metallic), slate (matte), black (gloss), oil rubbed bronze (metallic), aged brass (metallic),  black (matte), etc.


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Standard mount hardware for brick, stone or solid wood wall is included:
Standard hardware to install shelf Ponoma
We recommend SnapToggles® for plaster and drywall:
You can buy them at our store here.








Shelves Ponoma® are used as:

1. entertainment centers when you need to hide the cables
2. fireplace mantel shelves (learn more about metal as an excellent heat shield)
3. water proof shelves in bathroom, laundry room and pool
4. book shelves
5. kitchen shelves for a lot of plates & kitchenware
6. decorative shelves in living room

7. high payload's shelves in garage and outdoor,




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