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brass stainless steel floating shelves

Decorating with stainless steel floating shelves

We appreciate these extraordinary pieces of furniture; that's why we dedicated the special section of our portfolio to this miracle. You are welcome to check at Haven't you yet considered using them in the interior? We are here to fix this issue!

What is Floating Shelves?

Imagine the shelf without sidewalls and top; now you know how the floating constructions look like. They don't have a backside, so you can use long metal rods for fastening on the wall. You can screw different brackets in the wall underneath the shelf for additional support, but usually, the steel strength is enough to support the objects' weight. 

The main feature of such shelves is their unusual design. 

They are meant for storage like traditional shelves, but the top with floating models does not limit the height. They are easy to clean and maintain in perfect condition. By contrast with usual shelves, this model doesn't require perfect aligning to one another; you can place them in stage pattern, lower or higher, or one above the other. The amount of shelves is up to you: decide considering the amount of space you have.

Decorating Using Stainless Steel Shelves

You may think that the use of stainless steel objects is limited to the kitchen and bathroom. You'll be surprised at how well they fit into the decor of other rooms. Considering our experience, we can give a couple of tips on placing this interesting piece of furniture in your home.

 stainless steel floating shelf for bedroom for kitchen

The kitchen is the first place that comes to mind when you are talking about corrosion-resistant steel. Using floating shelves is the perfect decision for this part of the house. They ensure a clean and modern look and plenty of space for your appliances. Install the between a cupboard and a cooker to have easy access to spices and condiments. In the dining area, it can show your china in all its glory.


heavy duty stainless steel floating shelves

In more private areas, you can use them for supporting:

  • cooking pots;
  • cleansers;
  • paper towels;
  • sponges;
  • cooking utensils.

In other words, it's an omni-purpose piece of furniture with much more supporting capacity than the traditional variant.


decorative stainless steel floating shelves

Living room. Place several shelves in a staged pattern above the sofa to create a cozy reading place. Besides books, the shelves can show little sculptures, decorations, or memorabilia. An interesting option for floating shelves is a spot above the fireplace or near the table.

stainless steel floating shelf for livingroom

Shelves in the living room combine functionality (as a storage place) and decor, so there are no rules; install them where your imagination tells you.


stainless steel floating shelves for kitchen


Bathroom. Stainless steel is a perfect material for the humid air of this room. The space is usually limited, so consider placing a couple of shelves in the corner. They are perfect for storage shampoos, shower gels, and so on. Make sure that you use brackets made of stainless steel for the fixation to avoid rust stains on the shelf surface, and make sure the soap splashes are cleaned regularly. They can cause discolorations and make the surface look dull, so don't forget to take care of such stains.

Bedroom. If you think that stainless steel is not the right material for the bedroom, you are wrong. Modern finishing makes the shelves look like brass or bronze, which you can see for yourself in our catalog.


stainless steel floating shelves for bathroom

This piece of furniture fits in the traditional bedroom style perfectly. In this room, shelves can substitute a nightstand or bedside table. In the corner, the shelves can bear things you don't need every day.

stainless steel floating shelves for bedroom

Floating shelves combine a futuristic look and incredible functional potential. They can serve as adornments, a place for your supply store, and make the area look more spacious. Place them in different rooms and create a one-of-the-kind style. It's an irreplaceable thing for apartments with limited space and an unusual complement to the overall style.

stainless steel floating shelf for bedroom


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