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stainless steel cubic coffee table

Five advantages of steel furniture

Steel furniture is a great choice for almost every design project. It’s durable, universal, environmentally friendly, and easy to maintain. Unlike wood furniture, this choice will stay with you for many years, providing a modern and stylish look for your rooms at all times.


stainless steel table for 14 seats


We have a list of five reasons you might be really interested in buying some steel furniture — buckle up and let’s see why everyone loves this material so much.

stainless steel kitchen shelves



5 reasons you should buy steel furniture

Steel sheets have many benefits — the main one being the ability to get any shape and therefore be fitted anywhere in the house. There are shelves, sculptures, countertops, chairs — literally any piece of furniture can be made of steel. Our list of five advantages of this material will give you a little insight into how great this metal is practical-wise.


  1. Did we mention that steel is durable? This might be the main advantage of said material, as steel sheets alone have the capacity to withstand a lot of pressure and, therefore, big weights. Also, this kind of metal is water-resistant and UV-proof. It won’t get any damage even after being wet for a long time.
  2. Steel is environmentally friendly. Compared to the chopped wood used to make furniture, steel sheets treat the environment with kindness, saving the trees and being easy to transport, leaving a smaller carbon footprint.
  3. Safe, healthy, and easy to clean. This material has no pores, leaving bacteria and dirt no chance to be stuck on the surface. You can clean any steel furniture with a few swipes, and sanitize it if needed. Great choice if you’re not a fan of long and tedious cleaning sessions and expensive maintenance.
  4. High bearing capacity. We’ve mentioned this before: shelves, tables, and other furniture made of stainless steel have optimized construction and can take a lot more weight than you probably thought. You can organize your space any way you want it, having every item in your house in the right place.
  5. It’s pretty multifunctional. Think about places where you might have seen this kind of furniture. Gym, kitchen, living rooms, diners, offices...These items are everywhere, taking some space to create a comfortable environment. For example, steel floating shelves can be installed both in the cabinet and in the bedroom. They’re practical and universal, just as the steel itself should be.


stainless steel shelves for bedroom


Are there any drawbacks that can oppose these advantages? Of course, there are. Steel looks cold and might look odd if you choose to opt for a warm design. Also, it’s really easy to get metallic surfaces scratched, so any kind of maintenance should be done gently, without rushing movements, harsh-textured supplies, or aggressive detergents. Learn more how to clean stainless steel furniture here.

Is it worth it?

Overall, stainless steel furniture adds a nice modern touch to any design. Of course, if you’re a fan of more traditional and rich-looking materials such as wood or stone, steel won’t work for you. But if you love easy maintenance, affordable prices, and practical advantages, this is just the kind of furniture you might be looking for.


stainless steel cube


This metal looks cool, is environmentally friendly, and helps you organize your space in the most efficient ways. If you’re still hesitant about buying shelves, chairs, or countertops made of this material, try some reviews and modeling options. You can also have a word with an interior designer or someone from your household to decide whether it’s a good choice, but from our point of view, steel is the most effortless and quality-wise balanced material.

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