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Elephant statue producing process

How are stainless steel sculptures made?

You can find sculptures made of stainless steel in every geographic area — artists widely use this material to create artistic wonders. These artworks draw a lot of attention and amuse everyone with how beautiful they are — sometimes it's almost unbelievable that these sculptures are, in fact, man-made.

Elephant statue producing process

The use of stainless steel protects these works of art from corrosion and other environment-caused destructions. This particular feature allows you to place these sculptures in your garden, adding some artistic flavor to the property.

stainless steel sculpture

Sculptures for your garden

A garden is a place of relaxation and mindfulness. Adding works of art to your relaxing environment makes it even more mindful and simply beautiful. Artistic touch makes your place even more suitable for getting a proper rest after a day at work. At this point it doesn't even matter what size these sculptures are — poking-from-the-grass tiny or taller than you — art is a form of recreation.




The main power of art is to motivate and inspire. If you decorate your garden or your office park with beautiful sculptures, you first of all invest in your mental health. Statues and other steel art objects boost creativity and inspiration to live better — regardless of design. 

Also, art is a sign of good taste. If you choose a stylish sculpture and place it accordingly, you make a fashion statement. People who understand art always know how to use it for this means.

If made of stainless steel, garden sculptures can withstand any rain or heatwave without deforming or rusting. This is why most sculptors choose exactly this material — it allows their works to exist longer.

Choosing the place to put your sculpture in

Of course, you can choose any area available in your garden — it's not rocket science. But to really add some flavor and make everyone including you wonder about the artist's creativity, the best place in any garden is the one without shadows. 

Don't hide art — it's meant to be shown, amusing and inspiring to everyone who notices it. If you plan to place a few sculptures, make sure that taller ones don't cover the smaller ones. Another important thing that makes the most sense when it comes to small artworks — decorate only areas where the sculpture won't be an obstacle on the way. Save some space for walking and observing. Feel free to apply a PONOMA discount code to get 10%off.






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