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4 Storage tips to increase a home’s value with stainless steel

House value depends on too many factors, and some of them you just can’t change — the age of the wood your cellar floor is made of, neighbors, size of the patio. Furniture, however, is a completely different story: equipping your house with items that add more convenience for everyday living can definitely add some numbers to the home value. For that matter, storage furniture can visibly change the way your house looks from others’ point of view. If additional storage space is added efficiently, the whole house can be considered perfect to live in.

Stainless steel is the best option for your storage furniture. It’s easy to clean, durable, and resistant to environmental factors like water and heat. Thus, furniture made of this material can not only save you a lot of space but also increase your home’s value. We jotted down a few tips to help you do so — transform your house with an elegant design of stainless steel furniture.

Ways to increase your home’s value with stainless steel

These 4 tips can optimize your space and make your life easier. They also add some convenience to the everyday lives of everyone who lives there — this undoubtedly will increase house value.

  1. Shelf bracket made of stainless steel. Shelving is your best option to optimize living space. Extra storage space relieves houses of large furniture, and stainless steel is a perfect choice of the material — long-lasting, durable, customizable, and easily cleaned. It’s a nice fit for every room: kitchen, children’s room, living room, or pantry. Besides, stuff like this always comes in different flavors — you can choose any size, depth, or design of the shelving, matching it with the rest of the interior.
  2. Floating shelves. This is a great option for your bedroom — now you can ditch all those boxes and big cabinets. Floating shelves are perfect to store anything and anywhere — books, plants, bottles, you name it. Also, they look cool and kind of futuristic — thanks to their elegant design. The best material for this type of furniture is stainless steel: easy to clean, easy to install and customize. Unlike wood, this material won’t rot, won’t break, and can definitely hold more. Steel can be reliable when it comes to storing something really heavy, and floating shelves can be your remedy for constant clutter.
  3. Plant caddy. Having your house and garden furnished with this item adds your property some bonus value points. It’s all about convenience! No one likes to move heavy plants on their own, so plant caddy is just what you need to improve your gardening. Your patio will eventually thank you, as plants tend to leave wet stains on wood, and over time this wood inevitably rots. Stainless steel plant caddy is the perfect solution to save your patio. Also, caddies with wheels are the most durable ones — you can move heavy pots every day with ease and the material won’t deform under the weight.
  4. Composting bin. A hydro press made of stainless steel serves great to provide you with compost and make your life a bit greener. The best option for material is stainless steel because it’s resistant to corrosion and won’t let any unpleasant smells out. This is a convenient tool to keep in the kitchen. Its compact size allows you to put it on any surface and not just the floor. A bin like that will save you from the unpleasant smells because steel is chemically inert with organic matter. Another great feature — a bin like that can be easily cleaned with good-old soap and water.


We counted only four ways to level up your storing game, but in reality, the number of useful and stylish steel furniture is undeniably larger. Exploring more of that can aid you in making your house more valuable.


As you may have probably noticed, the best things to increase your house value are made of stainless steel — that’s because this material won’t lose its best features over time. Stainless steel furniture and other additions to the house interior are corrosion-resistant, strong, and always look stylish. Choose items that can benefit you the most, apply a PONOMA discount code to get 10%off, and you’ll definitely like the upgraded version of your house.





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