Collection: Brass seamless floating shelves Ponoma®

Many customers today think about buying professional furniture items at reasonable prices without harming the atmosphere. They need more space to manage some clutter but do not have enough space. If you never thought about how neat, simple design can make your house look superb, Ponoma floating brass, seamless shelves would definitely bring that idea. At a decent cost, you can create a convenient, functional space. Ponoma offers a great range of elements to organize your living space. On the website, you even can find more interesting additions to your home decor and buy online.

Effectiveness in Work 

Stainless steel is a new trend in Europe and the USA. It fits any room style; we also thought about functionality. All materials are solid, durable, waterproof. A production helps to avoid deforestation and is eco-friendly. Brass seamless shelf creates an illusion of floating, so you can put any decorative statues or kitchen supply -  it all would look perfect. Any of the items are suitable for various rooms and are released in a wide range of colors. This feature makes it suitable even for bathrooms, where humidity levels are high. AISI304 has a set of additional features:

  1. Great resistance to oxidation effect. 
  2. The thickness of products prevents deformation. It can withstand heavy objects. This option protects you from overloading and an accidental fall. 
  3. Prevents contamination of food stored in containers made of this steel.
  4. It is simply cleaned.
  5. Fire/ water-resistant.

Shelves have a magnificent look, provide a viable solution to hiding cables or electric cords, assist in placing small objects, flower pots, documents, tools, gardening stuff.

AISI304 can boast such characteristics as:

  • density is 7.78-7.93 g / cm3;
  • melting point: +1450°С;
  • specific heat capacity — 500 J / kg × K;
  • thermal expansion — 15 W / m × K;
  • electrical resistivity — 0.8 Ohm × m2 / m.

These are proofs that piece of furniture will serve you many years. However, no chemical elements are involved in the production process, so people would get no harm to health. Our goods are non-toxic.

Cover Corners

There are many ways of how to decorate a corner. Plants or textiles, pictures, or furniture make your apartments stylish, but you will lose valuable square meters. Ponoma produces a classic shelf that can fill in each spare wall. It adds an airy illusion to the place. With our floating shelves, it is easy to hide, smooth corners, and make them effective by retrieving additional places for goods. Design and functionality are combined in one simple product. Grab extra books out of boxes and place them on the shelves, so everyone can know you closer and notice your perfect taste. You can experiment with the arrangement of books: for example, place one of the stacks with covers in front. It is easy to get the right one by simply pulling it out.

Which Stuff to Store?

Products are effective in storing your items or valuables. Dishes, silver, vases, photo frames would look great on brass shelves. Also, it is a perfect, clean place for home flowers and books. Depending on the room, you can decide what to keep cause they can fit any space; just choose colors right. Boxes, baskets will help in organizing and storing things prettily. Here you can add books that you rarely read, trinkets that are waiting in the wings to get into your exposition. Keep your cosmetics and bathroom gear safe and neatly arranged, without the risk of drowning them in water. Sometimes an empty space looks more impressive than a full one, so if possible, do not fill the shelves completely, leave some free space.

Manage Mess

Each room has something that needs to find its place. If you do not have a spare storage room to keep things, order an airy shelf and use it as an additional functional space. Fill it with the items, organize them and enjoy a pleasant view. Since shelves are able to carry significant weight, they are good for keeping beauty devices. Forget about the constant seeking of garments in your closet; now, every piece of clothing and accessorize is sorted out and has a special corner. Try to arrange objects in an asymmetrical - let them overlap in color or shape. Place photos or posters in frames past small statues and common objects to balance the height of the composition.

Manage the Closet

Among all the ways that allow you to equip a dressing room, a special place is occupied by the installation of shelves. The main advantages are simplicity and reliability, which are especially important for storing many various things. Shelves will help you manage small accessories or hats, jewelry or shoes. Arrange items in multiple rows to add dynamics. 

Reasons to Buy from Us

We locate in the USA, but our shipping is accessible worldwide. We deliver goods from 8 to 15 business days if you live outside the country. All types of online payment options are good. If you still have no idea where to apply your purchases, read our blog and find out decent solutions and compliance. All models, colors, sizes are accessible on our website. If you have trouble making your mind, order a sample, see which one is finer for your housing. Keep your walls decorated and effective. We suggest a wide assortment of furniture, statues, surfaces, and decoration elements. Purchase eco-friendly goods from one place.