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Collection: Hydropresses Ponoma®

With what industrial technology can a bearing be pressed into an assembly? It is unlikely that you would do this with only the tools at hand because it requires an enormous amount of force that is inaccessible to the human body — it has limits. Before you quit, think about a hydraulic steel press that has such ability. This technique has many benefits. Let's look at the perks of using hydro presses with the ram. It will be a great addition to kitchen supplies.

Push Cost-Reduction 

One advantage to be highlighted is the possibility of built-in program control. It allows managing the force. The utilization of automated industrial, mechanical equipment reduces the time cost of performing certain actions. Spare-controlled parts are inexpensive, and in case of a breakdown, you just go to the store and buy them or order online.

Integrated Overweight Protection 

When an overload occurs, the mechanical oil-filled chamber latches, actuating the system, which provides a fast response time, ensuring protection for your press from jamming at the bottom dead center or damage.


Build-in noise reduction systems create a low volume of noise — their installation complies with instructions in safety systems without affecting security functions. The press is designed with a distance between table and ram so that the risk of airborne noise is reduced to a low level, taking into account technological advances.

Space Saver

Not everyone has a lot of space to maintain a huge steel machine, so this model takes up less territory. A lot of pressure falls on a small area.

Enhanced Flexible Control 

Such products give you the ability to do any job without the limited life of the merchandise. There are so many positions that are adjustable and customizable to your desires.


Typically, pressure is used to work on flexible but strong materials. The hydraulic unit is used to make:

  1. Bearings and bushings.
  2. Crimping.
  3. Forging products.
  4. Bending.
  5. Straightening of defects.
  6. Pressing (gluing).

More often metal, its alloys are often worked on.

Benefits of Purchasing in Our Store 

Ponoma offers the highest quality, sturdiest, most reliable presses, already proven by a huge number of users. You can order the necessary kitchen stuff online.

Utilizing a hydraulic press is a wonderful experience that helps you develop products. If you couldn't find the right one, don't quit your search — the Ponoma site is sure to give you the perfect one.